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The artist

Under The artist (Margareta) you will find information about her as well as about our participation in the Sollentuna Art Shows, and about art in general.


Since childhood, we have both been interested in nature, especially botany, birdwatching, and we feel strongly for protecting the environment.

Music, books/language

is something we cherish, and we would like to share what we have found with others.


is the latest addition to the site. Thanks to the digital camera and tools such as Photoshop we take more photos than ever.


is of course about what we like to eat and drink.


We haven't travelled much lately for various reasons, but we have kept the old web pages about travelling of our old web site – they may still provide some interesting information.

This and that

we hope doesn't need any explanation, and don't forget to check Our Blog!


Living is  a thing you do 
now or never -  which do you?

A Grook (Piet Hein)