Great Britain

We had only one rainy day and lamb does not taste as an old cardigan

Bed & Breakfast (B&B) is a fine thing in Britain! We slept well every night and got a hearty traditional breakfast which kept us satisfied until afternoon in time for “A little something” to quote Winnie the Pooh. We often took the Five o’clock Tea in one of those small Tea rooms with a bakery in the house. In the countryside there are quite lot of them! If your nose tells you to step in – do that!!

Please, do not hurry past Burford in the Cotswolds! Rest there for a while and visit Mrs Huffkin’s Bakery on the main road! Take your Tea there and buy some pastries to take along, you will not regret it!

Market Gardens sometimes have a Teapot at the gate, and if you are lost, in spite of a good map, and find a Farm with refreshments – that will make your day. It is always time for a cup of Tea!

B&B at a Pub! We tried The Lamb Inn – a taste of old England according to the advertisement. Being readers of Agatha Christie Mystery Novels, that was very tempting and we managed to find the pub in Shipton-under-Wychwood in the Cotswolds, after a shortcut over a vast field with a path in the middle. (The map musthave been wrong there!) The food was good, however, and the whole house could have been the setting place for a film with Miss Marple. / Updated July 2015 > Still it looks like a nice place to stay at!

Vintage railways in UK are numerous and, if you have the opportunity, visit the small museums with different themes, like the Cider museum in Hereford, The Cotswold Woollen Weaver’s museum in Filkins, or spend some hours in Beaulieu Village, Brockenhurst, Hampshire, with vintage cars in the National Motor Museum, and James Bond’s cars, and meet the victorian staff in the Beaulieu Palace -“Upstairs and Downstairs”, etc. etc.

Their souvenirs are worth the trouble of reading the map to find them!!

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