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The sackful of good things we wanted to share with you was quite easy to put on the different shelves in the virtual cupboard, but some links did not fit in anywhere. But we collected them in this “box” of mixed “extras” – please help yourself to a funny, nostalgic, brain exercising, comic, useful or sweet “candy”!

“Search – and you will find” – and a lot! Simply put, you can travel around the world much faster than Phileas Fogg and Passepartout, in 80 seconds instead of 80 days.The result can be new friends in Australia or Canada!

Brain exercise
Online shops


Movies – old and new – at IMDB where you can find anything about movies from many countries (International Movie Data Base), information about cast, directors, actors, place of recording, etc. A fantastic “Encyclopedia of Film” for fans!

A little quest

Who was the actor playing Manolito in High Chaparral? Check at IMDB!
The sheriff in Gunsmoke, is it not Macahan? IMDB knows.
Moviepooper – THE END! – But how? In Casablanca? If you want to refresh the memory!

A different opera movie

Bizet’s opera Carmen is set up in Seville. The Spanish director Carlos Saura has made a fantastic film about a company of Flamenco Dancers and how they perform the opera by dancing the score, even if you sometimes can hear Bizet’s music in the background. A film both for fans of Opera and fans of Flamenco. It has “duende” – the soul and heart of Spain.

You can find it on a DVD at Amazon, UK – It is easy to order and get it.

More fun

If you like Jacques Tati you can find his films at Amazon, too. In French but with English subtitles.

Enjoy yourself on a tour in Tativille – Le site officiel de Jacques Tati, with many memorable clips from the films and with sound clips as well! But take your time, there are lots of “extras” in just moving the cursor over the page!! Available in English.


Tecknad film kanske som omväxling?

MuffinFilms – a cartoon about 12 different varieties of Muffins. Don’t miss the Muffinale!

 Wallace & Gromit – A Close Shave and many others. Gromit is a very special dog, he knows how to knit! Available on DVD, of course.

Minuscule – a French animated serie of short films about bugs and other little creepy-crawly personalities. Films for for all ages! You can order them on DVD from the French Amazon.
Minuscule’s web page is full of clever sidelinks! Games, video excerpts, icons, wallpapers (with the only bugs healthy for a computer! ;-)! There you can see the Video of the Month, and a few movies in their full length.

Nostalgic corner

Once upon a time there was only one TV channel in Sweden, and only in black and white! The happy owners of a television set often got visits from friends and neighbours, and the sitting room was crowded when it was time for a “Quest Show” or the BONANZA !!!!!! You had to have enough tea and coffee at home for unexpected guests!

The Cartwrights (1959-1973)! Hoss was kind, Adam was handsome, Little Joe was in the heart of every teenage girl, and show us anybody, born 1940 or later, who cannot sing-along with the melody – sound clips for “Bonanza” (1959) from IMDB. 
Listen to the Bonanza theme, and other themes you have forgotten, at MIDI themes of classical TV seriesand have a look at this – Scenery of the Ponderosa, all the boys on horseback!
Even more nostalgia in this link: Ponderosa The Map – The map we all remember!

Some quotable cues from the Bonanza-site

Pappa Ben: “I’ve got nothing against education. As long as it doesn’t interfere with your thinking.” …
(To Adam in The Savage)

Adam: “You see Hoss that’s how it is. When you buy a dog you get the bark too.” (HoundDog)

Hoss: “Well, there was this fella named Stradi and he made various violins. And this is one of ’em.” (Maestro Hoss)

Little Joe: “I got us out of more trouble today than I got us out of yesterday” (to Hoss in the FJC)



Brain exercises and funny things

If your brain is tired it is a proof of having one!



Rubik’s Online – Online Cube – the virtual one is just as hard to match as the real one

More needed here!

Some musical oddities

Yodelling the Classics: Mary Schneider – She has got the knack!
Jonathan & Darlene Edwards: Greatest Hits – It is not easy to sing like this!
The Lumberjack Song – the text! We all remember Michael Palin in Monthy Python

Favourite cartoons

The doctor says it is healthy to laugh and even a titter is fine. Please, have some spoons of cartoon medicine, taken from different “bottles” below, and you will lose weight by that! Oh yes, 2.8 kilocalories/minute. Nice! You will be slim as a seal after an Album with one of your favourites!… Perhaps you like ours too!


On-line shopping

We have tried these, and we have found that we can trust them to deliver best quality, at reasonable prices.

Books  The Uppsala English Bookshop is very useful in the Nordic countries!

Amazon which you can find in many countries. In addition to the US, you can also use German, French and English Amazon. You can also look for books in the second hand bookshops connected to Amazon!

Toys-on-line – Cuddly soft animals … of any shape 
Animals – – stuffed soft animals arrive in your letter box within a week by air mail from Canada, 
and if you are looking for a special kind of monkey – try here

Something to put on your cell-phone 
…perhaps you can find it at STRAPYA where the nice staff people take care of your order, and you will get it within a week, from Japan!! (Secure payment!) 
Our latest favourite from the Ghibli Studios (cartoon film), Totoro, is there, as a cell-phone decoration, a key-ring and on a nice little soft rucksack for a child! The film “My friendTotoro” (Ghibli Studios) is very lovable and cute — you can find it on a DVD from We would all love to have a friend like Totoro 😉

If you like to read, and like a warm blanket … Try this one! A very nice present to a bookworm! Made of soft, warm fleece of the best quality. I love mine! A blanket with sleeves — very clever, indeed! 
TOBBS: | the original bookblanket | readers blanket

Real Bodies clothes

Batik Clothing From Bali – Real Clothes for Real Bodies
for women who like clothes with colour!

Make your own hat with matching scarves, pins and flowers to wear with the dress, and you’ll probably be the Queen of the party if they elect one. It is fun making your own hats! 
The Artist herself is often dressed in clothes from Bali!

Margareta in a dress from Real Bodies, USA