About us

Pär the engineer and Margareta the artist

We have shared a daily life through many years now, all its “for better and for worse” in good harmony (symbiosis!) and some of the good things in life we pass on to you, we hope you will have a nice time and find links and tip-offs useful for your purpose!

Pär – MS, electronics, almost 30 years with IBM as systems developer, 1997-2007 at Ericsson, and now retired since November 2007. Interested in nature since childhood, likes bird watching, participated in the investigation of the flora of Sollentuna. Ex choir singer, nowadays only listening to good music.

When the orthopedist explained that Pär’s sore knee would impr0ve if he made his leg muscles stronger, he took up cycling, now more than 10000 km. The knee is back in shape now!

An old interest in photography has awakened, thanks to the digitial camera and Photoshop. Created a number of web pages, e.g. Renprodukter. See also “Learn more“!

Margareta – CV at the Artist’s own page, likes nature, music and photo, too. Knowledge of food and beverages, see the Food pages, please! Designs tasty and beautiful cakes and pastries. Active on Facebook.