Our roof is very well suited for solar panels, good inclination, facing south, nothing that blocks the sun. 
We had dreamed of sun energy many years, and now it was time to do it, with lower prices and support from our community, too. 

Svea Solar sent a very nice team that installed 18 panels, covering half the roof.

It took almost two days! In the early mornings it was -7 > -10 C. The 2nd day the SUN came after a few hours and warmed them a little. -3 C when they had finished their work on the afternoon of Jan 18. At least we could give them a warm place to eat lunch.  Our kitchen.
Photographer was Pär this time! 

Here are a few pictures showing how it happened (click to enlarge).

To be on a roof with heavy panels you have to construct a scaffold first.
We ordered solar panels from Svea Solar and now they are installed. Not the very best weather to do that, but the group did a very good job, even if it was -7 C > -10 C, in the early mornings.

Then you place the rails to which you attach the panels.

Rails done, end of first days work. And the daylight began to fade at 15:00.

Time to place and connect the panels.

Hard work 20 kilos per panel, steep and slippery roof.

Hurray! Work done and checked. Now only to take down the scaffolding and go home for the weekend. 

The result! Very nice, and the panels matches our dark-blue roof, too. Thank you Svea Solar! We are now waiting to get the panels connected, their electrician is very busy as so many people want solar energy! But for us it is no hurry, this time of year the number of sun hours are not that many. But in March until October!